Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Thanks to God,finally we all finished the fasting month. now hari raya will be celebrate with happinest. For this year, my raya day so enjoyable. first time i celebrate with my son.last year i celebrate with my husband only.for this year i celebrate at my mother in law. we all together cooperate to prepare the kuih raya.
My son get a raya money from the people village. my son so smart with wearing baju melayu that colour is red. Theme of colour for this year is red.
As a conclusion i can say that this year for hari raya i celebrated it with a perpect family. i feel thankful for the God for this which happens in my life.

Monday, August 4, 2008

how uitmt can improve their english

Nowdays, english language is important in our lives.English language is the international language because a most people in the world use it At uitmt , the student can improve their english language with many ways.
Firstly,they use english in class to communicate each other. For example the students talk in a class with their friends to improve this language.Besides that, all lectures give lectures in english language.Furthermore, the lacturers also give advise for students to be confident and do not shy if they are speaking in english language.That means, that the important is speaking with other can improve our englishs.
Secondly,uitmt alco encourage them to read in english.The students should read that items such as papers, magazines,story books and others.Uitmt also provide the associations likes english debate, public speaking, choire and so on.This ways students can participate themselves as well by individual or groups.
Thirdly,uitmt also provide english subject in academic silibus. For the example all falculties must take BEL(basic english language) from part one until part four. In this silibus, the students who weak in english that the lecturers will focus more in grammar matterts.
In conclusion, there are many ways that uitmt can improve students in their english.Uitm is playing a important role for students learn and improve in english as well.