Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Thanks to God,finally we all finished the fasting month. now hari raya will be celebrate with happinest. For this year, my raya day so enjoyable. first time i celebrate with my son.last year i celebrate with my husband only.for this year i celebrate at my mother in law. we all together cooperate to prepare the kuih raya.
My son get a raya money from the people village. my son so smart with wearing baju melayu that colour is red. Theme of colour for this year is red.
As a conclusion i can say that this year for hari raya i celebrated it with a perpect family. i feel thankful for the God for this which happens in my life.

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Miss Syaz said...

It must be good celebrating with your son though you're still young. That must be a new extravagant experience for you. I'm glad that you're happy. Selamat Hari Raya. By the way Laila, try to improve your vocabularies and grammar ya!